The GENDER Project

The Gender Equity and Demographic Research (GENDER) Project is a collaborative multi-year project to improve the availability and use of gender data analytics and insights to advance gender equity and improve health outcomes in India. Building off of the first phase, the project continues a multi-pronged research, policy and capacity building approach in partnership with the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai. 

Through its research and policy focus, the project seeks to generate evidence to improve gender equity and its embedded relationship with sexual, reproductive, maternal and neonatal-to-child health in India through application of novel and interdisciplinary analytic approaches. The research uses the National Family Health Survey, as well as other nationally and sub-nationally representative data in India. The second phase of the project examines prevalence and intersecting vulnerabilities, builds models to understand pathways to greater equality, and analyzes the role of health services in reaching India’s health and gender goals. These efforts are amplified through the addition of a deeper focus on policy analysis guiding research into women’s agency and social norms as moderators in the pathway to gender equity, using publicly available data and innovative methodologies. This work extends a strong existing focus on capacity building by supporting and engaging Indian researchers and data users to develop and apply a robust, gender equity lens when conducting and interpreting research.

The project consists of a diverse bi-national team in India and the United States of America, with greater emphasis on in-country leadership and technical guidance supported by an experienced team of research scientists and policy specialists. 

Supported By:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Project Contact:

Princess Luna

Principal Investigator

  • Lotus McDougal, PhD, MPH Agency for All
    Technical Director for Measurement

    Assistant Professor
    Infectious Diseases & Global Public Health School of Medicine

The GENDER Project 2.0 Team at GEH

Lotus McDougal
Katherine Hay
Nandita Bhan
Vedavati Patwardhan
Princess Luna
Nicole Johns
Shruti Ambast

Key IIPS Partners
K.S. James
Abhishek Singh
Kaushalendra Kumar
Ashish Upadhyay
Joemet Jose
Swati Srivastava
Apoorva Nambiar



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