Nabamallika Dehingia
Pre-doctoral Fellow
Joint Doctoral Program in Public Health UCSD/SDSU

Nabamallika Dehingia is a pre-doctoral fellow at GEH and holds a post-graduate diploma in rural management. Her research interests include intersectionality of gender and women’s health, particularly maternal and reproductive health. She has worked as a research manager for a monitoring and evaluation firm in India. She was involved in evaluation and assessment studies for programs funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Norway India Partnership Initiative and the Government of India. As a research manager, she was responsible for designing evaluation and research studies, collecting and analyzing data, and developing presentations and manuscripts from the findings of the studies. Her current research studies include exploring the relationship between microcredit programs and maternal reproductive health of women in India. Nabamallika is also interested in using advanced statistical techniques to answer critical questions related to public health; she is currently involved in a study that uses machine learning algorithms to identify predictors of sexual violence.

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