Esther Spindler, DrPHResearch Scientist

Esther Spindler is a mixed method researcher and consultant at the Center on Gender Equity and Health. She is interested in how social inequities shape marriage and sexual and reproductive health outcomes of adolescents and young people. Esther cares deeply about bridging public health research to practice, and addressing the Global South/Global North inequities in knowledge production, collaboration and dissemination. Esther has worked in global health and international development for 15 years, with a diversity of organizations like the World Bank, Equimundo, Georgetown University, among others. She has a DrPH in Population and Family Health from Columbia University, M.S. in Development Management from American University and a B.S. in Political Science from New York State University (SUNY) at Oneonta. Esther is American/French/Brazilian and former Peace Corps (Guatemala). During her off time, she enjoys spending time with her fam and old pup, and falling asleep precisely 10 minutes into any TV show.

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