Erin Pearson, PHD, MPH
Research Supervisor

Erin Pearson, PhD, MPH, is a social epidemiologist and mixed methods researcher with expertise in sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence, and impact evaluation. Her research focuses on developing and testing interventions to address gender-based inequities in sexual and reproductive health, particularly the impact of intimate partner violence and reproductive coercion on women’s use of contraception and abortion. Dr. Pearson most recently served as Associate Director of Learning and Innovation at Ipas where she led research on self-managed abortion, postabortion contraception, measurement of abortion quality, and worked in partnership with GEH on Addressing Reproductive Coercion in Health Settings (ARCHES) studies, work she is excited to continue at GEH. Dr. Pearson holds a PhD from Johns Hopkins University and an MPH from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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