Grant Announcement — IIPS and GEH Continue Partnership to Address Gendered Health Inequities in India

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The new phase will see a deepened research and policy focus on women’s agency and social norms. 

The Center on Gender Equity and Health (GEH) at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai, are proud to announce a continued multi-year sustained partnership to improve the availability and use of gender data analytics and insights to advance gender equality for health and well-being outcomes in India. Supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the new investments seek to build off the success of ‘The Gender Equity and Demographic Research (GENDER) Project.’  

The GENDER Project is an umbrella research initiative that seeks to generate evidence to improve gender equity and its embedded relationship to health and well-being in India through application of novel and interdisciplinary analytic approaches. The research uses the National Family Health Survey, as well as other nationally and sub-nationally representative data in India. The first phase of the work involved capturing prevalence and analyzing intersecting vulnerabilities, building models to understand pathways to greater equality, and analyzing the role of health services in reaching India’s health and gender goals. 

“This is a really important moment,” said co-Director of GEH, Katherine Hay. “With this award, together we can keep building on this exceptional partnership, and better ensure that all available data is being used to understand and address gender equality gaps.”

Building on our focus on health and adding an additional lens on well-being, including women’s work and aspirations, the new phase of the work will see a deeper research and policy focus on women’s agency and social norms as moderators in the pathway to gender equity using publicly available data and innovative methodologies. These investments will build upon the successful record of accomplishment of research collaboration between IIPS and GEH UCSD to further produce knowledge to understand and address complex gender inequalities in health, economies, and society, and their intersectionalities with social inequities and determinants.

Building In-Country Leadership

The next phase of the GENDER Project will see a diverse bi-national team in India and the United States of America continuing this work, with greater emphasis on in-country leadership and technical guidance. Leading the two investments are Lotus McDougal, Katherine Hay, and Anita Raj from UCSD, and Abhishek Singh, K. S. James, and Kaushalendra Kumar from IIPS, collectively supported by an experienced team of research scientists and policy specialists.

Lotus McDougal                                               Abhishek Singh
Primary Investigator – GEH UCSD               Primary Investigator – IIPS Mumbai 

To enable greater in-country capacity for gender analytics, the new phase of the project seeks to build capacity in gender analysis by training junior faculty members and students of IIPS in advanced gender data analysis. This phase will also focus on developing capacity building training programmes for gender centres established at Indian universities and conduct training workshops for local institutions working on gender in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. 

About IIPS Mumbai 

The International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) serves as a regional Institute for Training and Research in Population Studies for developing countries in the Asia and Pacific region. The Institute provides consultancy to the Government and Non-Government organizations, other academic institutions and undertakes research in collaboration with Government, international agencies, and universities. 

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The Center on Gender Equity and Health, UC San Diego, conducts collaborative action-oriented research to understand and advance gender equity and address related health disparities, locally and globally, specifically, in the areas of gender and health, gender and adolescence, gender-based violence and gendered social and economic opportunity.  

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