impact around the globe
We envision a world in which gender inequities and gender-based violence are eliminated



impact around the globe
Improving population health and development by improving the status, opportunities and safety of women and girls, globally



impact around the globe



impact around the globe
We envision a world in which gender inequities and gender-based violence are eliminated



Racism and police violence are public health crises. We are an organization committed to researching and eliminating violence and inequities, and fighting against racism is imperative to these aims.
Black Lives Matter

The mission of the Center on Gender Equity and Health is to conduct innovative multidisciplinary research to understand and eliminate gender inequities in health, and to provide academic and practitioner training toward achievement of these goals.

Our work focuses on the following three key areas that impact population health and development, globally:

  • Gender inequities (e.g., girl child marriage, women’s unpaid labor, son preference)
  •  Gender-based violence (e.g., partner violence, sexual assault and exploitation, sexual harassment, reproductive coercion)
  • Gender social norms (e.g., community norms and expectations regarding male and female roles in the household and in society)

To achieve this mission and support use of our work for large-scale and sustainable advancement of population health in California and across multinational settings, GEH maintains partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations around the world.


GEH is celebrating the fifth anniversary – please view some highlights from over the years above.



Dr. Rebecka Lundgren, MPH, Ph.D. joins our GEH Team!

Dr. Rebecka Lundgren, MPH, Ph.D. has joined our team at GEH as a new faculty member in the Division of Infectious Diseases & Global Public Health! She is an applied anthropologist with 30 years of experience in implementation science, and expertise in family planning, adolescence, social norms, and gender-based violence. She brings broad research experience in sexual and reproductive health in 18 countries including 12 years managing operations research programs in Latin America. Dr. Lundgren’s work includes expanding the Learning Collaborative to Advance Social Norms to Nigeria and East Africa, participating in the Global Early Adolescent Study and scale up of the REAL Fathers program in Northern Uganda and Karamoja. She leads Passages, a USAID-funded project designed to bridge the gap between science and effective policy.  Dr. Lundgren is a member of CUSP (Community to Understand Scale Up Practice) and the Expandnet Secretariat. She is recognized for innovative mixed-methods approaches to designing, monitoring and evaluating scalable gender transformative programs for youth, with a focus on early adolescents.

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