Evaluation of Best Practices in Rape Prevention Education in California

The California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) Program funds 30 rape crisis centers throughout California to implement sexual violence (SV) primary prevention programs. Dr. Silverman and Sabrina Boyce are leading a state-wide evaluation of the RPE programs to assess their impact on SV and related risk and protective factors. In the first two years of the project, a state-level RPE theory of change was developed, publicly-available data sources for ongoing state-wide tracking were identified, and a standardized RPE Evaluation Toolkit for use by local RPE programs was developed by the GEH team in cooperation with CDPH staff. In the coming 5 years, GEH will help RPE programs use this RPE evaluation system and collect state-level data to help move California toward a common and evidence-based approach of selecting RPE strategies and evaluating their impact on SV outcomes and related risk and protective factors.

Supported By: Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, via California Department of Public Health

Project Contact: Sabrina Boyce, scboyce@ucsd.edu

Key Personnel

Dr. Jay Silverman, Co-Principal Investigator, UCSD

Dr. Sabrina Boyce, Co-Principal Investigator, UCSD

Emma Jackson, Research Program Manager, UCSD

Ricardo Vera-Monroy, Data Systems Manager, UCSD

Co-Principal Investigator

Co-Principal Investigator

California, USA


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