California Rape Prevention

Evaluation of Best Practices in Rape Prevention Education in California

In the United States, nearly one in five women and one in 71 men have been raped in their lifetime. The lifetime prevalence of rape among women in California is 14.6 percent. The California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) Program, with funding by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), funds 33 rape crisis centers throughout California to implement SV primary prevention programs. However, there is no common curriculum or evaluation plan across the 33 rape crisis centers to measure the state-wide impact of the RPE Program.

Dr. Silverman is leading a state-wide RPE evaluation plan that takes into account the diverse communities that participate in SV prevention programs throughout California to assess their impact on SV and related risk and protective factors. The project aims to revise the state-level  RPE logic model and evaluation plan, identify common state-wide process and outcome indicators, improve monitoring of SV across the state utilizing publically available data sources. Working in close partnership with CDPH and RPE partners, we will implement a statewide strategy that moves California toward a common and evidence-based approach of selecting RPE strategies, evaluating their impact on SV outcomes and related risk and protective factors, and monitoring SV outcomes across the state.

* Funding by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (via CA Department of Public Health)

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